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March 2000

USDC Awards Contract to Fresnel Optics to Develop Rear-Projection Monitor Screen Systems

Award to Western New York firm valued at $4.48 million And furthers USDC support for projection display industry

SAN JOSE, California - March 28, 2000 - The U.S. Display Consortium, a public/private partnership chartered with developing U.S. domestic flat panel display (FPD) infrastructure, today announced an award to Fresnel Optics (Rochester, N.Y.) to develop imaging screen systems for rear-projection monitors. The contract is valued at $4.48 million, with each organization investing 50 percent. In Phase I, Fresnel Optics will produce screen prototypes, and in Phase II the company will develop production tooling and install capital equipment designed for low-cost manufacturing. Phase II ends with a pilot production of screens.

According to Dr. Michael Foley, president of Fresnel Optics, "Fresnel is honored to accept this award from USDC. The screen systems, which consists of a Fresnel lens and an imaging screen, is a critical component of the desktop rear-projection monitor. Desktop monitors are viewed from close range and high resolution is required, as well as cosmetic quality and homogeneity. The USDC award will help Fresnel Optics remain globally competitive and allow us to provide a premium solution to our customers."

Initially the size of the Fresnel viewing screens will be a maximum of 32 inches diagonal. This is targeted for the current desktop monitor market, small HDTV displays and future larger desktop monitors.

"USDC members have concluded that improved illumination systems, screens and optics are needed to enable the rear-projection desktop display market. The award to Fresnel Optics meets one of these needs by improving screen performance," stated Bob Pinnel, CTO of USDC.

Commenting on the significance of the award to Fresnel Optics, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) said, "Fresnel Optics is to be congratulated on the award of this contract from the U.S. Display Consortium. This is an exciting technology development that could potentially revolutionize desktop viewing. I have support USDC's efforts to foster the development of display manufacturing, and I am very pleased to see a company from New York playing a key role in this effort."

Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY), in acknowledging the importance of the new technology development, stated, "My sincere congratulations go to Fresnel Optics, which is located in the congressional district I represent, on receiving a federally funded award from USDC and matching it with its own resources. This is an excellent example of technology grown and developed in upstate New York."

The USDC contract award will be managed by a team of representatives led by Kurt Stahl of In-Focus. The team presently includes Sam Miller of View Sonic and Mike Kalmanash of Kaiser Electronics.

About Fresnel Optics, Inc.: Fresnel Optics, located in Rochester, N.Y., is a globally operating company with over 35 years of technical experience. Fresnel is a subsidiary of Reflexite Corporation, an employee-owned ESOP company. Using precision tooling and microreplication technology, Fresnel Optics produces microstructured plastic optics for overhead and LCD projectors, backlit displays and rear-projection systems, as well as lighting applications. For more information, visit

About U.S. Display Consortium: The USDC is an industry-led public/private partnership providing a common platform for flat panel display manufacturers and developers, FPD users and the supplier base. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., the consortium's mission is to develop the U.S. infrastructure required to support a world-class, U.S.-based manufacturing capability for high-definition displays. For more information about U.S. Display Consortium, visit their website at

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