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October 2000

Fresnel Optics Inc., Expands Asia Pacific Operations

Rochester, New York — Fresnel Optics Inc., a Reflexite Company, has established the Rui Fei Optics (Xiamen) Ltd. Co. in Xiamen, China, as a wholly owned subsidiary, Dr. Michael F. Foley, Fresnel Optics president announced today. "Our goal is to have Rui Fei Optics become the base of operation for all Fresnel Optics’ Asian business. This acquisition, together with our existing facilities in North American and Germany, broadens the capabilities and presence of Fresnel Optics throughout the world”.

Fresnel Optics is a Rochester based manufacturing company, which develops, manufactures and markets microstructured optical components for the display industry, digital projection industry, lighting industry and photographic marketplace. The Rui Fei factory will produce optical components such as Fresnel lens systems for overhead projectors, primarily for the Asian market. "Due to strong demand, our first priority after completing the acquisition is to double the production capacity of the factory. This capacity should be on-line by the end of the year 2000."

Xiamen, a coastal city located in Southern China between Shanghai and Hong Kong, is a convenient shipping port that is very close to Taiwan. Xiamen is also the location of both Kodak and Dell’s Chinese manufacturing facilities.

Foley added, "The name Rui Fei means prosperity and swiftness in Chinese, and was chosen for its phonetic similarity to Reflexite, our parent company". Reflexite Corporation is an employee owned Connecticut Company. Rui Fei Optics will also serve as the headquarters for Reflexite’s Reflective Product Business. The Reflexite Reflective Products Business develops, manufactures, and markets retroreflective products based on its proprietary technologies to enhance visibility and safety worldwide. Principal industries include road building and management, fleet, utility, fire, law enforcement, agriculture, automotive and recreation. Founded in 1970, Reflexite now has offices in the United States, Australia, China, Canada, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Denmark, Sweden, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

Sean Chen has been named Managing Director of Rui Fei Optics, which is located at 7F, Huaxia Industry Center, Tiyu Rd., Xiamen, Fujian Province 361012, Peoples Republic of China (PRC). Mr. Chen, who has managed the facility for the past five years, holds both BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Hydraulics, and reports directly to Dr. Foley.

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