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Reflexite Collimating Film (RCF) is an optical film used to condition the light output of transmissive, backlit displays. RCF features precise prisms on one side and a microreplicated, non-smooth surface on the other side. The benefits of using RCF include a brighter backlight module and increased battery life.

RCF can be used in a wide variety of applications … any LCD product using a backlight. RCF does not create more light, it allows the management of available light more effectively. A CCFL or LED backlight unit provides the light source. RCF recycles light that enters the film at oblique angles by means of total internal reflection and reflection/refraction. Well collimated light leaves the film and produces a brighter backlight.

      Download RCF90L Monitor Solution PDF (210 kb)
      Download RCF90C Notebook Solution PDF (213 kb)
      Download RCF90N Mobile Display Solution PDF (206 kb)
      Download RCF90K Large Format Solution PDF (219 kb)

RCF Product Kit

      Download RCF90C Kits PDF (62 kb)
      Download RCF90L Kits PDF (82 kb)

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Display Optical Films

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