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Reflexite Display Optics designs and manufactures a wide variety of Microstructured Optical Components, including Fresnel lenses and lens arrays, cylindrical Fresnels, diffractive elements, prisms, beamsplitters, lenticular arrays, light guides, Moth-eye antireflective microstructures, cube corner retro-reflectors, lens arrays, surface relief diffusers, focusing screens and other microstructures.

We have design expertise available to assist you with a system solution, in-house tooling facilities and a variety of manufacturing processes available. We have capabilities to work with many different materials, including acrylic, polycarbonate, cyclo-olefins, polyethylene and a range of proprietary chemistries. We can manufacture products for prototypes up to high volume applications in a wide range of sizes.

      Download Optical Microstructured Surfaces PDF (253 kb)
      Download Positive Fresnel Lenses PDF (103 kb)
      Download Fresnel Cylinders PDF (102 kb)
      Download Prisms PDF (108 kb)
      Download Beamsplitters PDF (100 kb)
      Download Lenticulars PDF (102 kb)
      Download Surface Relief Diffusers PDF (158 kb)
      Download Lens Arrays PDF (122 kb)
      Download Moth-eye Microstructures PDF (251 kb)
      Download Custom Designs PDF (110 kb)
      Download Passive Infrared Lenses PDF
        (117 kb)

      Download Passive Infrared Lens Arrays PDF
        (108 kb)

Microstructured Optical Components

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