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Microstructured Optical Components, including lens arrays, microlens arrays, Fresnel lenses, diffusers, prisms, diffractive optics, light guides and Moth-eye structures, aid in the Management of Light® for many traditional fluorescent and incandescent lighting systems, plus newer LED based lighting systems.

LED Systems

LED Systems - LED based lighting systems use microstructured optical components for optimization of light direction, homogenization and system efficiencies.

Signal Lights

Signal Lights - Signal Lights use microstructured optical components in both traditional and LED based systems to meet specifications for traffic, pedestrian and railway signaling.

Stage Lighting

Stage Lighting - Polymer Fresnel Lenses are used in low wattage stage and spot lights. As LED based lights evolve, plastic microstructured optical components are also being used.

Microprism Luminaires

Microprism Luminaires - Luminaires can use microstructured optical components and microstructed prisms for distributing light in a predetermined manner, for both uplight and downlight requirements.

LED Systems
Signal Lights
Stage Lighting

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