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LED Systems
Microstructured lens arrays, microlens arrays, Fresnel collimators and prisms are now being used with LED-based lighting systems to optimize light output and efficiencies. Commercialized products include traffic and railway signal lights, spotlights, automotive displays and flashlights.

Specially designed Fresnel lenses are now being used with LEDs for flash units in digital cameras and cellular phones.

      Download Secondary Optics for LEDs PDF (82 kb)
      Download Lighting Optics PDF (84 kb)
      Download Positive Fresnel Lenses PDF (103 kb)
      Download Surface Relief Diffusers (SRDMs) PDF (158 kb)

LED Illumination Pattern
Fresnel Lens
and Prism Array

Digital Cell Phone

Lens Array
for LED Signal Lamps

LED Systems
Signal Lights
Stage Lighting

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