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Reflexite Display Optics manufactures a diverse array of Fresnel lenses and Fresnel lens arrays for the infrared wavelengths. Our products are primarily used in the security and lighting control industries. We also design and custom manufacture PIR lenses and lens arrays to meet your specific requirements.

Infrared Fresnel Lenses - Infrared Fresnel lenses are primarily used in sensor applications with a pyroelectric detector to create a specified angle detection pattern. These lenses are used in applications where a single detection beam is needed, such as infrared theremometers, safety beams and motion activated cameras.

IR (infrared) Fresnel Lens Arrays / PIR Motion Sensor Lenses - PIR (passive infrared) motion sensor lens arrays are primarily used in motion sensor application with a pyroelectric detector to create a detection pattern. There are a variety of models available, each creating a detection pattern with a specific range and viewing angle.

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