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Reflexite Display Optics designs and manufactures microstructured optical components and assembles subsystems for a diverse array of displays. Current applications include:

  • LCD based systems, such as desktop, laptop, automotive and avionic displays
  • LED based systems, such as cell phone and camera displays
  • Rear Projection systems, such as Fresnel lenses within screen systems
  • Microdisplays, such as light guides to couple light from source through the display

      Download Optical Microstructured Surfaces PDF (253 kb)
      Download Positive Fresnel Lenses PDF (103 kb)
      Download Film Fresnel Lenses PDF (92 kb)
      Download Prisms PDF (108 kb)
      Download Surface Relief Diffusers PDF (158 kb)
      Download LED Secondary Optics PDF (82 kb)
      Download Backlighting Components PDF (95 kb)
      Download Fresnel Lenses in Rear Projection Screens PDF
        (72 kb)

      Download Microstructured Optics for Microdisplays PDF
        (101 kb)

Display Components

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