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Optical Engineering

Optical EngineeringWe have a global staff of optical engineers using the latest available "off the shelf" software in addition to custom proprietary software. We can design microstructured optical components to achieve your desired results.

Optical Design - We design both refractive and diffractive microstructured optical components.

Optical Modeling - We use both off the shelf and proprietary software to model performance of our optical designs.

We confirm performance of all newly designed and fabricated components:

Optical EngineeringTest Equipment and Metrology

  • Westar FPM-505
  • Oriel High-Aperature White Light Source
  • ZYGO NewView 200 Surface Profilometer
  • FAM 2000 Facet Angle Measurement Machine
  • 50-1000X Video Microscope
  • OGP Video Measurement Systems
  • LS-100 Luminance Meter
  • IL1700 Research Radiometer
  • PR-650 Spectro-colorimeter
  • Cary 500 Spectrophotometer
  • DIAS 1600 Birefringence Analyzer
  • Interferometry
  • Contacting Coordinate Measurement Systems
  • Many Semi-custom Test Beds
    • Goniophotometers
    • Light Tunnels
    • ASTM "On Screen" Brightness Tests
    • Systems for Measuring Ghosting and Speckle Contrast in Rear Projection

Optical Design
Optical Modeling

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